Three Simple Steps to Set Up an ARGON PCAP Touch System

ARGON PCAP controller

With the ever-expanding market of touch screen applications, projected capacitive touch technology has become an obvious pick for graphical user interfaces. However, having a diverse product line, some manufacturers look for one controller capable of managing all sensor size needs but also require integrating PCAP touch screens. This may lead to costlier inventory and overall […]

ARGON PCAP Controller: Intelligent Controller that Self-Programs

ARGON PCAP Controller

The Touchscreen industry has come quite far in terms of technology. Inspired by automation and innovations, A D Metro recently introduced their ARGON PCAP Controller in the market. Designed, in particular, for Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch sensor technology, the ARGON controller has elevated its features and functionalities to the next level. PCAP touchscreens are becoming […]