How Different Industries Take Advantage of Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

Projected capacitive touch screens are gradually replacing the decades-old resistive touch technology through its advanced features. If it is multi-touch functionality, light touch activation, or durability to withstand extreme operational conditions, projected capacitive touch technology has overtaken almost every area requiring touch input. Here are some of the areas which significantly utilize this technology for […]

Reasons Why Projected Capacitive Touch Screens Are the Preferred Choice

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreen devices have become a part of our day to day lives. From personal smartphones to point-of-sales machines, or interactive displays for the public, you can find touch screens almost everywhere. But there are different touchscreen technologies in those displays with projected capacitive touch sensors being the most prominent among them. Projected capacitive (PCAP) is […]

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen: The Ideal Solution for Many Applications

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreens in industrial applications enable intuitive operation, ease of use and exceptional design flexibility. They have replaced the traditional switches, buttons, dials, counters and gauges on the control panel of these applications while offering an economical and more efficient alternative. You may find the touchscreens either embedded into monitors or as complete all-in-one PCs for […]

The Technology Behind Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Explained

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreens are the new age interface between human and computer interaction. No wonder it is one of the ultimate technologies of the digital age. But when we go deep inside the touch technology, the extraordinary experience is all down to the outstanding performance of the projected capacitive touchscreen. It is because we use a PCAP […]