Understanding A D Metro’s Linear Correlating Touch Technology

IR Infrared Touch Screens

The standard IR-infrared touch sensor technology has gained tremendous popularity with time and emerged as an excellent alternative to resistive and capacitive touch screens. But considering the limitations of traditional Infrared touch screens, A D Metro has taken it to the next level by developing innovative Linear Correlating Touch Technology (LCIR). This LCIR technology is […]

From Durability to Integration. How do PCAP Touch Screens Perform in Industrial Operations?

PCAP touch screens

Almost every field is now adopting the advanced mode of operations with touch input devices prominently used. These touch applications have penetrated harsh industrial environments, making their operations swift and convenient. However, it is not just the application but the touch technology supporting their features and functions for reliable operations. A D Metro’s Projected Capacitive […]

The Unmatched Capabilities Offered by ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens for Seamless Functioning ATMs

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

In today’s smart age, banking without ATMs is rare. On the other hand, ATM technology has always relied on high-quality touch screens. These Automated Teller Machines are required to be strong, resilient, waterproof, vandal-resistant, and capable of functioning in extreme temperatures as found in outdoor environments. Moreover, they must also deliver an intuitive, smooth user […]

Why A D Metro’s New LCIR Is Considered the Perfect Touchscreen Solution for Aviation & Automotive Applications?

IR-Infrared Touchscreens

Infrared (IR) technology has emerged to be an excellent choice for touch applications. In particular, for applications that require good optical clarity and multi-touch capability as capacitive touchscreens but need cost-effective solutions as resistive touch technology, IR-Infrared touchscreens are considered the best alternative. Infrared touchscreens offer a wide range of benefits that make them the […]

How ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens Overcome the Challenges of Outdoor Applications?

Think of an ATM placed on a rain-drenched street or a touch screen panel in a public telephone box. These touch panels remain perfectly functional, allowing unimpeded user interaction regardless of extreme weather conditions or impairment. That is the A D Metro difference. When employed in an outside setting, every technology, regardless of purpose or […]

How A D Metro Makes Infrared Touchscreens More Useful through LCIR Technology?

In recent times, IR (Infrared) touchscreens have gained popularity as an excellent alternative to conventionally used touchscreens. Infrared touchscreens are preferred over projected capacitive and resistive touch technologies for applications that require advanced yet cost-effective solutions. In particular, for applications of large sizes, Infrared touchscreens appear to be an economical choice than other touch technologies […]

Why Do Mobile Touch Devices Need Durable Touchscreen Solutions?

Using mobile devices for work operations in different industries is common practice, especially in banking, parcel delivery, restaurants, etc. The touch functionality makes those applications even more feasible and easy to use. But the problem is these touch devices are not so carefully used and often get damaged due to mishandling. Mobile touch devices are […]

Essential Features of Tablets Used for Industrial Applications

When it comes to industrial usage, a consumer-grade smartphone or tablet won’t last long and would succumb in a relatively short period of time. Businesses, these days, depend largely on automation to operate efficiently and profitably. If a computer breaks down even for a small amount of time, business operations can be badly affected, and […]