Three Revolutionary Controllers in Touchscreen Industry Offered by A D Metro

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Controllers are the most crucial part of any touchscreen system. These are the electronic interfaces that connect the touch sensor to a device. Simply put, controllers receive raw touch data from the sensor and convert it into X,Y coordinates that the devices graphic user interface (GUI) can understand. A D Metro, one of the leading […]

Three Basic yet Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Touchscreen Technology

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With the growing popularity of touchscreen applications, it is vital to choose the right touch sensor technology. Today, you can find plenty of options with touchscreen suppliers such as resistive, infrared, projected capacitive, surface acoustic wave touchscreens and more. Each technology hosts different advantages. So having these varieties, it often becomes difficult to decide which […]

Major Innovations by A D Metro in Touchscreen Industry

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In today’s technologically advanced world, demand and innovations go hand in hand. With the ever-increasing need for touch applications, many innovations and advancements have recently been witnessed in the touchscreen industry. However, with so many choices finding the perfect touchscreen for your application can be a little confusing. This is where the manufacturers and suppliers […]

The Reliable and Compatible Touch Technology for Military Applications

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In military environments, you don’t have just one. In fact, there are diverse sub-environments, each with its own unique set of challenges. But the question is, how does it impact the use of touch screens? When it comes to the integration of touch screens in military applications, optical considerations become the key concern. Apart from […]

The Overview of Touchscreen Technology and its Supply

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The touchscreen technology has inspired many industries to offer innovative devices, like mobile, kiosks, laptop and other applications. The touchscreens are basically the interface for input in an application, designed with a touch-sensitive transparent panel covering the screen. Finger touch or tapping or a pointed stylus is typically used to operate the touchscreen devices. With […]