Touchscreen Industry Trends to Dominate in 2024

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The touchscreen landscape has evolved a lot over the years as various industries leverage the benefits of this innovative solution, and interactive touchscreen kiosks make up a big part of it. Touchscreen kiosks have, in fact, set a new standard for service delivery in different sectors. The projections indicate interactive kiosks will rise at a […]

Three Revolutionary Controllers in Touchscreen Industry Offered by A D Metro

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Controllers are the most crucial part of any touchscreen system. These are the electronic interfaces that connect the touch sensor to a device. Simply put, controllers receive raw touch data from the sensor and convert it into X,Y coordinates that the devices graphic user interface (GUI) can understand. A D Metro, one of the leading […]

A D Metro: The Manufacturer & Supplier of Innovative and Highly Specialized Touch Solutions

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With around 30 years of experience in touchscreen solutions, A D Metro has now emerged as the leading supplier of touchscreen solutions to large numbers of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and value-added resellers. Over the years, A D Metro has been addressing the requirements of commercial, industrial and military applications through their exclusively […]

Major Innovations by A D Metro in Touchscreen Industry

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In today’s technologically advanced world, demand and innovations go hand in hand. With the ever-increasing need for touch applications, many innovations and advancements have recently been witnessed in the touchscreen industry. However, with so many choices finding the perfect touchscreen for your application can be a little confusing. This is where the manufacturers and suppliers […]

How Touch Screen Technology Can Make Your Business Efficient

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Nearly all the industries and sectors today has shifted to touch screen technology. More businesses are looking for ways this technology can help to uplift their efficiency, customer experience and revenue. In fact, this incredible technology has blended with the professional environment so well that there’s hardly any business or service store lacking some kind […]