5 Steps to Adjust Touch Settings in PCAP Touchscreens with ARGON Controller

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A D Metro’s ARGON PCAP controller has emerged as a superior innovation in the touchscreen industry. This smart controller engineered and patented by A D Metro has effectively streamlined the PCAP touchscreen integration process, eliminating the need for tedious, complicated setup. There is no need for any software programming utility since the ARGON controller senses […]

Touchscreen Industry Trends to Dominate in 2024

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The touchscreen landscape has evolved a lot over the years as various industries leverage the benefits of this innovative solution, and interactive touchscreen kiosks make up a big part of it. Touchscreen kiosks have, in fact, set a new standard for service delivery in different sectors. The projections indicate interactive kiosks will rise at a […]

From Durability to Integration. How do PCAP Touch Screens Perform in Industrial Operations?

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Almost every field is now adopting the advanced mode of operations with touch input devices prominently used. These touch applications have penetrated harsh industrial environments, making their operations swift and convenient. However, it is not just the application but the touch technology supporting their features and functions for reliable operations. A D Metro’s Projected Capacitive […]

How Smart PCAP Touchscreen Applications Make Meetings More Efficient?

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With the advancement of touch technology, the use of touch displays in daily life and business has grown more prevalent. They can be found in a variety of industries and commercial spaces. Even meeting rooms in offices have transformed through the latest technology. Traditional conference training equipment, such as chalk, blackboard, or whiteboard, etc., are […]

Elevate the Functions of PCAP Touchscreens with ARGON Controllers

PCAP Touchscreens

When projective capacitive (PCAP) technology penetrated the touchscreen market, it was considered revolutionary for the aesthetics it added to touch devices while taking image clarity, durability and most importantly, user experience to the next level. Now, PCAP touchscreens have become a popular and preferred choice for most consumer electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, etc. […]

Why Projected Capacitive Touch Screens are Used in Military Applications

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Ever since its development, Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens have captured over 90% of the touch applications market. And the market trend indicates that this figure will grow. Also, the demand for rugged touch displays is increasing day by day, especially in the field of aerospace and defense where touch screen displays have become a […]

PCAP Touch Sensor, the best sensor for Healthcare Equipment

PCAP Touch Screens

Many OEMs are already incorporating touch technology in their devices to meet the demanding industrial requirements. With a variety of touch screen technologies, like ULTRA, Resistive, LCIR, SAW and PCAP. Why is PCAP (projected capacitive) touch screen the best solution for healthcare equipment? At A D Metro, we have been pioneering this innovative tech for […]

How ARGON Controller in PCAP Technology makes it an Ideal Touch Screens Solution

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Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens are now one of the top-selling touch technologies available on the market. The popularity of PCAP touch technology is due to its accuracy and resolution provided to displays of various touch applications. However, several more features of PCAP touch screens make them suitable to be used in a variety of […]

What are The Different Applications of Multi-Touch Screen Technology

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At present, the tech industry is dominated by multi-touch technology, mostly due to its ingenuity and versatility. The multi-touch ability, typically supported by PCAP touch screens, help users make the most of touch applications while accomplishing the job precisely. Ever since multi-touch sensors have been introduced, doors to advancements have opened in many applications increasing […]