Why Do Mobile Touch Devices Need Durable Touchscreen Solutions?

Using mobile devices for work operations in different industries is common practice, especially in banking, parcel delivery, restaurants, etc. The touch functionality makes those applications even more feasible and easy to use. But the problem is these touch devices are not so carefully used and often get damaged due to mishandling. Mobile touch devices are […]

Durable Touch Screen Solutions to Improve Workplace Efficiency

Durable Touchscreens

Touch screen technology has completely revolutionized the way people interact with various things around them. Touch applications have become a prominent part of our lives and are used to do almost everything from checking weather updates to banking online. In fact, touch screen technology is fast penetrating the workplace environment and is widely accepted for […]

ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens: The Most Reliable & Durable Solution for Rugged Applications

Durable Touch Screens

Whether in retail or wholesale, touch screens have a wide range of applications almost in every area. These touch applications are designed to simplify and accelerate the operational process. For example, banks incorporate user-friendly ATMs to facilitate their customers with swift banking services. However, applications such as ATMs, Kiosks, point of sales (POS) and point […]

Features of Durable Touchscreens Needed for Kiosk Applications

Durable Touch Screens

As kiosks are becoming more popular in many industries, resilience is the crucial feature for business kiosks that users often look for. Therefore, OEMs (Optical Equipment Manufacturers) particularly require durable touchscreens that offer numerous distinctive advantages over standard options available on the market. Why Kiosks require Durable Touchscreen Solution: To withstand harsh usage per day […]

Advantages of Durable Touchscreens in Businesses

Durable Touch Screens

Touchscreens have become an integral component of today’s competitive business practices. Whether it is the service industry, a retail environment, a medical facility, the gaming industry, or a military base, it’s essential that their touchscreen technology is completely up-to-date and suitable to sustain daily working conditions and different environments. Even simple mobile devices exhaustively used […]

How Durable Touch Screens Make Mobile Data Collection Jobs Easy

Durable Touch Screens

Portable devices with touch displays have become common for data collection jobs in many sectors. Service-based companies, such as mail carriers, restaurants and bars, especially use touch screen displays in their portable devices. Touch screens considerably simplify operations and make work processes more efficient. Being intuitive and clear, workers do not require long training periods […]

Popular Touchscreen Technologies in 2021

Durable Touch Screens

Touch technology is increasingly becoming refined and advanced with continuous developments and improvements. The year 2021 has not been left untouched by the progress in this technology. It has rather steered to enhance convenience factor and popularity of touch applications. Let’s take a look at some popular durable touch screens that have been making big […]

Know About the Construction of Touchscreens

5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

With most of the discussions around different types of touchscreens, we rarely find any information on the construction of touchscreens. Before we get in to understand the structure of touchscreens, let’s first see how they operate and sense the touch. You will find resistive and capacitive touchscreens, used commonly in many applications. Where resistive touchscreens […]